BOTM: U.P. ELECTRIFIED with new SRAM AXS - part 2

Andy Kessler - 07-Feb-2019
Normally we always have about a week between our BOTM blogs, but we knew that after yesterday's intro video we'd get so many questions that I decided to brake that rule and post the beauty shots and some more tech info asap.

Most questions were about tire clearance with the new SRAM Red AXS: For 29"/700c wheels the answer is basically the same that we have on our website for our U.P./U.P.P.E.R. frame, so if it fits the frame it fits the SRAM front derailleur clearance. You can fit up to 40mm tire depending always on your rim width, actual vs claimed tire size and tire profile. We can not test all combinations even more that rims get wider every day so just make sure you have 6mm of clearance for the frame and about 4-5mm for the battery.

For 27.5/650b wheels the answer is even more difficult. On those wheels the battery still has more limitations than the frame. Most RoadPlus tires will fit but for sure not all 2.1" MTB tires. The maximum width - and really the maximum is 50mm but please note that this is with a tire that has been inflated to your riding specifications and measured about a week after you inflated the tire for the first time. Yes, they do grow over time, I had to learn that the hard way also.

Second-most asked question was about maximum range of the rear derailleur. SRAM says 33 teeth in their tech documents. You probably can pimp that with some road links but to stay on the safe side here also the number is 33.