Chapter 3 - Shorts - Origin 1.11
Chapter 3 - Shorts - Origin 1.11
  • Chapter 3 - Shorts - Origin 1.11

    Chapter 3
  • C$340.00

Elite performance bib shorts using luxurious, high density forza fabric built with the castelli bodypaint one-piece construction. Fitted with the tour de france standard progetto x2 seat pad.


When racing I used the Castelli Body Paint short (so-called because they are one-piece of engineered seamless Lycra), I still own the first prototypes that I tested because I loved them so much. The CHPT3 1.11 Shorts differ from the race version by being more luxurious: no race minimalism has been applied here. The lycra has increased multi-directional properties and a density that makes it heavier and smoother to touch, and we have made the ‘bibs’ feel more like braces than elastic bands. The same gauge of material is used for the braces as is used for the leg of the short, and they’re also hemmed to add to the feeling of quality and also in order to increase longevity. There is no hem on the actual short leg, the material is simply cut and a gripper is bonded internally, making for a cleaner and more comfortable finish.

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