ASSOS Luggage Set (3 Pieces)
  • ASSOS Luggage Set (3 Pieces)

  • C$629.99


Three sizes: The Weekend, The Week and The Month.

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Engineered for the needs of the ASSOS Werksmannschaft, allowing them to travel in functional style. This is NOT just another off-the-shelf luggage set with the ASSOS logos on it.

First of all you will notice that each piece is extremely lightweight, but at the same time adequately robust. Assos opted for a PVC memory material, giving the pieces flexible return. Notice how nicely they roll, not by chance but because of clever wheel construction. The inside features two identical compartments that you can zip up. This way you can easily separate your ON from your OFF apparel. The zippers are oversize, meaning super strength just in case you overload the luggage. You will also notice the inner straps are not elastic: this on purpose so you can actually secure the load properly.

And here's a little tip: If your style is an efficient and organized one, use the ASSOS garment bags as storage separators, meaning, all socks in one, all gloves in another, warmers in another, etc. The garment bags feature transparent windows so you can easily see where what's inside.

Last but not least, use one of your ASSOS garment hangtags & folderSet to identify your luggage set. Intelligent, stylish recycling - ASSOS luggage set for ASSOS people.

SIZING (including wheels)

30x48x74 cm
26x40x64 cm
22x33x54 cm


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